Lecture Medtronic

Dear Marc,

Below are a few quotes from our colleagues of Medtronic Belgium.

Best regards,

Marc Van Aperen

PR & Communications Manager,

Medtronic Benelux


“It was a great idea to invite Marc to speak to us all yesterday. A touching and inspiring story and Marc is a very impressive personality.”


“Marc showed me that – with just enough determination – one can reach every goal one sets to himself, and that there is no reason for anyone to believe that something can’t be achieved, as the deck of cards in the game of life is the same for everyone.”


“When the question came if there were questions from the audience, nobody raised his hand or spoke up … Please don’t take this as an insult. We were all speechless and were digesting everything we heard and saw. I couldn’t utter a word, let alone raise a question.”


“Thank you so much for your inspiring words. I hope to carry them further for the rest of my life.”


“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. This is a kind of reference to one of the disciplines of triathlon: swimming part – always in open water. The accident of Marc Herremans challenged him not to choose the easy path. But he did it and he succeeded with the cards he had. Now, he said goodbye to the triathlon victories, but the challenges he went through made him very skilled in another crazy ocean which is ‘life’ and he will pass his skills onto his daughters.”


“I really enjoyed the lecture given by Marc Herremans.  For a person who claims not liking to give a speech… Wow! I was speechless and with me the whole audience.”


“What an emotional speech in which he exposed a lot of himself. That makes me reflect on my own life, my own comfort zone, and put some of my setbacks in another perspective.”


“Simply very impressive! Marc confronted us and learned us again what the real important things in life are, but he did it in a really pleasant way! You couldn’t have invited a better speaker with all that is going on!”


“Dit was voor mij een buitengewoon testimonial met een les voor iedereen. Een genot om met passie naar te luisteren. Welke studies zeggen steeds dat we maar zes minuten kunnen luisteren? …. Ik heb hier 60 minuten aan de lippen van Marc kunnen hangen, geen minuut ben ik afwezig geweest.”


“Most inspirational speech ever. Down to earth talk with a simple boy who managed to overcome a huge setback in a way we can only learn from.”


“When driving home, I was thinking all the time of my ‘bucket list’, the small things that irritate me from time to time. Let’s stop doing this. Marc gives us all a boost and he inspires everyone. He makes us look at our life from a different perspective and he makes clear to us what is REALLY important.”


“Marc’s story was known to me, but nevertheless very inspiring to hear it from the master himself. Nothing but respect.”


“Het was de tweede maal dat ik het levensverhaal van Marc Herremans mocht aanhoren en ook deze keer zaten heel wat mensen in de zaal gekluisterd aan hun stoel. Zijn verhaal van passie, motivatie en volharding deed velen onder ons even stilstaan bij de ‘echt’ belangrijke zaken in het leven. In een bedrijf als het onze waar verandering nooit veraf is, bezorgde Marc’s boodschap – “The only time you fail is when you give up trying!” – ons een mooie les in relativeringsvermogen. Zijn levensverhaal was een bron van inspiratie en positivisme, zowel op persoonlijk als professioneel vlak. Bedankt Marc!”



“Marc, allereerst hartelijk dank voor je bezoek aan onze partner ‘Living Tomorrow’. Wij, de medewerkers van Medtronic Belgium, waren zéééér onder de indruk van je verhaal! Jouw wilskracht en uithoudingsvermogen om niet bij de pakken neer te gaan zitten als het tegenzit en alles uitzichtsloos lijkt, is een grote motivatie voor ons om ons in mindere tijden ook niet uit het veld te laten slaan. Als organisatie kunnen we heel veel van jou leren. Schouders eronder en gaan voor de gestelde doelen, ook al lijken ze haast niet haalbaar. Nogmaal dank voor deze spiegel.”


“I was fortunate enough to be present at one of Marc’s presentations a few years ago. His story then moved an audience of 400, as much as it did again last Monday. One can only admire a person who, in the face of so much adversity, manages to come out stronger, and not only go through live with a “can do, WILL do”attitude, but manages to convey that inner strength to audiences around the world with seemingly endless energy. Utmost respect.”


“Exceptional testimonial. Many thanks, Marc!”