Lecture Grafityp

“  To launch our New year,  we organized our KICK OFF on the 10th of January,  inviting our complete staff for an overview and plans for the coming year.


As a special treat,  we were fortunate to have Marc Herremans as a Key Note Speaker on teamwork and Change in a life and in an Company.

He presented us with his compelling story,   with all downfalls and successes.    As the story unfolded you could hear a pin drop,  which is a real achievement in a manufacturing plant with 60+ workers.


In any case,   the incredible story was  extremely motivating and got everybody thinking about their role and vision for 2017 in our Company,  which resulted in an interesting conversation afterwards.

From our side the Board ,  Management team and the whole team at Grafityp would like to express our deepest thanks to Marc,  for getting everybody on board and motivated for 2017,  which will no doubt deal us a great card !


We would like to take the opportunity to promote Marc as a Key Note Speaker,  his story touches everybody and contributes to a general  “CAN DO-attitude “ amongst everybody in TEAM GRAFITYP

Thanks Marc !”

Harald Jumelet

Marketing Manager

Area Sales Manager