Lezing Tessenderlo Chemie

No need to wait the outcome of the attendees survey to share some feedback on Marcs keynote during our Management Meeting. It’s clear that many of us were blown away by the touching, inspiring and motivational messages Marc shared with us. Too often, in business, we forget some of the basic principles of life itself can guide us in towards the realization of a business dream. Keep your eye on the ball, despite hurdles on your way. Appreciate market conditions and competition as challengers to get better in what you are already good at. Don’t forget the importance of teamwork and support of your environment, be it relatives or colleagues to fuel your energy. A positive and optimistic mindset is a key attitude which can give you a jumpstart and everything you undertake.  And most of all, put things in perspective and realize that what we take for granted is not so obvious. The open and authentic way Marc shares his life story makes those sound messages really powerful. No one can stay untouched by his story and learnings. It was a privilege to have you as our guest speaker.

Roel Dumont

HR Director