Marc Herremans shows you how to turn a setback into an opportunity, how setbacks stimulate creativity and challenges, that every disadvantage has an advantage, how to expand your boundaries by concentrating on the positive, that by teamwork you will achieve greater success...

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In 2008 Kevin Pauwels approached Marc and asked him to coach Kevin. Kevin is very introverted, and his father hoped that Marc could help him to loosen up a bit more and lift him to new levels. Year after year Kevin became stronger and stronger and in 2012 he became world champion cyclocross...

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In 2008 Marc founded his own triathlon team. He contracted 4 young people with the necessary sporting attributes, and searched for sponsors. The four youngsters developed into the best in their age group and were selected for the national team. Since then the team has become well known in Belgium...

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About Marc Herremans


Marc was born on the 19th of December 1973. He spent his youth playing football, and playing outside; he didn’t like school at all. When Marc turned 16 he saw the film Rocky. It inspired him “to be the best boxer in the world” and he put this wish on his bucket list. To fulfil his dream he locked himself in his attic to get strong enough to become the world boxing champion.

When Marc turned 18 he left school to join the army and become a Para Commando. In his time as a para commando he realized that he enjoyed the training but he didn’t like boxing itself. But Marc never stopped training...

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"To Walk Again" Foundation

The To Walk Again Foundation is more than just a warm welcome!
Letting off some steam. Shedding your inhibitions. Doing something with your body, heart, and soul. Take a taste of the versatile active recipe that To Walk Again offers you from it’s base in the Flanders area.

Invest in your quality of life and choose one of our sport initiatives to participate in – accompanied fitness sessions, To Walk Again On Wheels demonstration days, showcase sports days, boundary breaking activities, handbike tours, seminars, sit-ski or sport camps, rehabilitation sport days, and school sport days.

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Latest news

10 April

Team results last weekend

Only the 2 bmx athletes competed last weekend. Top competition Keerbergen : Bo van Tiggel : place 2 Top competition Keerbergen : Didi van Tiggel :  place 7 in 1/2 finale Below some pictures from Hanne 1 week ago in Eureopean cup Quarteira    

3 April

Team results last weekend

Hanne De Vet raced on high level in the European cup in Quarteira ( Portugal ) She was 4th after the swim and did a lot of work on the bike in the leading group of 8 ladies. In the run, she had bad legs and finaly she finished as 21st. After all, she worked…

28 March

Lecture Lisbon BIL

«  We invited Marc for a motivational talk in Lisbon for one of our customer (Private Banker in Luxembourg) top performer summit. After Marc first sentence, the tone was given … We had +/ 30 guests and everybody was scotched to the speech. All his history is breathtaking and it definitely helps you seeing all…

MarcHerremans team 2017
27 March

Team results last weekens

First year U23 athlete Kirsten Nuyes took a 10th place at the Elite European triathlon cup in Las Palmas. A great result for a young girl in an elite race. Another podium for Bmx athlete Bo van Tiggel in top competition Elite women in Ravels. 3rd place in an Elite race is a great result as a…