International Ray-Ban Convention

It doesn’t really matter what type of workshop you organize, Marc’s speech will leave an impact that makes everybody reflect on how life is lived or how business is done. If you are wondering how? At first you’ll feel rather small, not being quite sure whether you are sad or anything else. After, you will start realizing what you’ve just heard and seen and you will start to put things in perspective. Maybe you feel you should start to do things differently, you will feel you should be able to push boundaries & for sure you will start to appreciate what you have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have.

For me personally it was the second time I had the opportunity to listen to Marc, which didn’t make the speech any less impactful, on the contrary. I – as the whole room – was blown away by what I just witnessed. In fact, my advice would be to put the speech just before a break or at the end of the day, as your audience and next speakers will need some time to reflect afterwards!

Thanks Marc! It was a real pleasure to have you with us in Florence & hopefully we’ll meet up soon.

Niels Van Geet