About the foundation

In March 2003, just more than a year after Marc’s accident, he and his former trainer Paul and some extremely positive people founded the To Walk Again Foundation vzw. The first 4 years after Marc’s accident Marc had, besides his daily 3-hour rehabilitation and preparing himself for the winnings in the IRONMAN of HAWAII, been dedicated to establishing the foundation. Today his efforts have resulted in a growing and thriving foundation that has achieved many great things on many levels. The foundation offers access to sport for people with physical disabilities and limited finances by providing customised sports facilities at an affordable cost. In other words: To Walk Again absorbs the extra cost of the special materials and the customised infrastructure needed in such a facility.

To Walk Again is the name of a go-ahead foundation with its’ own story, and that story is literally one of trial and error – it’s a story about ordinary people who do unusual things and unusual people who do ordinary things. To Walk Again guarantees a “never ending story” and strives continuously to achieve it’s vision and it’s targets.


To offering accessible customised sport and physical facilities to children, youths, and adults with a disability, and their entourage. Examples of these facilities are: sports and holiday camps, customized fitness programmes, wheelchair basketball for youths sport initiatives etc.


“Financial limitations should not be a barrier to participating in sports and taking exercise” by the founder and figurehead Marc Herremans.


For People with a disability;

  • Keeping them healthy and active
  • Letting them explore their own possibilities
  • Taking a step in the right direction to provide sustainable customised sport activities
  • Helping them to reintegrate socially
  • Helping them to have a positive attitude towards life


  • A professional group of educated and experienced trainers and partners
  • Customised accommodation and materials
  • Own fundraising (for example: RunTWA, NightTWA)
  • Sponsorship by companies and from private donations
  • Subsidies from public authorities