Wings For Life Word Run 2017

I am typing this piece about the Wings for life run 2017 in my car.

A friend is driving for the moment, a bit more the 600 k to go from the 1000 k Austria-Belgium.


Tired but still full of adrenaline after nothing less than a fantastic event.

If you watch to the daily news you will think that the world is a bad place.

But daily news have to bring more news about events as Wings For Life World run .


Happiness, sport, teamwork, friendship, love, personal goals and charity.

It was nothing less than a truly honor to be part of this amazing event.


The winner of this event is the Wings for life foundation.

The wings for life Word run is so much more than just a race, it brings hope and believe for so many people all around the globe.


It motivates people to be healthy and ready for future.

A future with a medical solution for people with a spinal cord injury.


Believe, conceive and achieve.

Thanks everybody who was part of this great event.


6.8 million euro for research to find a cure for spinal cord injury.

Nothing less than amazing.

Together we can.