Lecture Accenture

“Our conference area was fully booked for the visit of our first inspirational speaker Marc Herremans, on November 29th. Marc shared with us his amazing life story of making the impossible possible.

The cards we receive in life, the fact that all of us are blessed with good cards, was an excellent way of explaining that we have to do our best with our possibilities of the moment.

His authentic style created a great impact on the audience, leaving sometimes a unique silence and a lot of emotion in the room. The session received a lot of good feedback from our young audience and was a huge success !

The values that Marc shared on living in the moment, making the best out of every situation, seeing a setback as an opportunity and being authentic are important values of Accenture as well. That is why this keynote of Marc resonated so much with many of us.


Laurent Jacquet, 15/12 – Manager at Accenture