Lecture AIS

My name is Tristan van der Mieden and I attend The Antwerp International School.

I had the pleasure to listen to Mark Hellemans story. He started his story with a statement how all of our lives start: “with one card”. And he said that all of us got a very good first card as we get the opportunities in life that we need to succeed. (If we do not neglect these opportunities). Marc Hellemans told us that during his life, he always wanted to be the best at what he did, and so when he told us his story which began wonderful but followed with what I thought as horrific, his accident which changed his life. So did Marc in the beginning. But Marc told us that: “even though you get a black card in life, as long as your heart keeps going, you can’t give up. Because when you give up, you might miss some beautiful cards that you get because of that one black card”. The part of his story that inspired me the most was when he lined up his goals. He wanted to win the iron man, he wanted to win the crocodile trophy and become a dad. And even though he got that one black card, he got these three cards in return. So the most inspiring part of the talk was that “even though you think you lost everything, as long as you live, you just don’t give up”.

Thank you, Marc Hellemans for sharing your amazing story.