Lecture Mondeléz

“We invited Marc for our Summer Event bringing all our employees together. Marc proved to be a real professional, not only through his entire sportive & coaching life, but also whilst preparing and bringing his speech. A fruitful discussion upfront immediately underlined a perfect alignment between his story, his messages and our strategy.

His passion, conviction, optimism and  perseverance resonated throughout the audience, and his openness sharing his personal experience in individual talks proved to be a real support for many of us.

He really made a difference that day, explaining us via the “cards of life” that we always have a choice, that it’s up to us to embrace change and that we should focus on what we have, not on what’s missing. He clearly convinced us that “focusing on the controllable” is the key to growth, increase the quality of our live and the level of happiness.”

Luc van WichelenMondeléz