Thank you for your interest in booking Marc as a motivational speaker. Marc will tell you the story of his life and make the link with your business that will allow you;

  • to cope with changes
  • set goals
  • focus
  • develop team spirit
  • to turn setbacks into opportunities
  • to change negative into positive thoughts
  • to see competitors as the perfect motivators

The duration of Marc’s motivational speech can vary from 30 to 60 minutes depending on your programme. Marc will give a PowerPoint presentation, and show a film lasting 11 minutes. A beamer, stereo installation, screen, microphone and headset, must be provided by the company. Due to the large file size, the PowerPoint presentation and the film will be sent to you in advance by We-transfer. Marc will use playing cards to demonstrate that everyone, with the right tools and focus, possesses the power to challenge the now and the future. Marc needs to have a side-table the size of a shoebox on which to lay his cards.

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